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Apr 17

The Art of the Cover

I actually got word from my editor, rockstar Jessica Wade, a while back regarding the REVIVORS cover art.  This is a topic which probably should have taken precedence over a made up stress test but my brain does not always function normally.  Don’t judge me. The cover art of a novel is something I think …

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Oct 24

Delayed gratification

This isn’t actually news to me so much as a confirmation, but it looks like the date for the release of REVIVORS will be sometime in January of 2010.  This is basically the figure my editor Jessica Wade gave me early on when we first spoke on the phone, so I’ve known this.  A lot …

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Oct 07

It’s official…

I suppose it was official before, but now it just somehow feels more official – yesterday I got a piece of mail from my agent Jack Byrne containing my copy of the contract, and my advance check.  I am officially a paid author.  Someone paid me to do the thing I love. On a less …

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Oct 01


One of the most challenging and most fun aspects of writing a sequel is bringing back the established characters, only now with the experience of the time which passed between the two books under their belts (two years, in this case).  After the events of the first book, and what occurred during our time away …

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Sep 05

Contract for REVIVORS and sequels signed

From what I understand it typically takes a long time for a contract to be drawn up but not as long as it took this particular time; the delay was the result of Ace’s contract department being shorthanded, so I wouldn’t assume it’s average but then I only have the one to go on. Having …

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Jul 12

The process

Before I managed to find an agent, never mind a publisher, I spent a lot of time wondering exactly how the whole business worked (I’m still trying to figure that out, but have a slightly better idea now than I did then).  I wanted very badly to be published but had no idea how to …

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May 22

Title change

I called my original novel RISE but I think on some level I knew it would have to change.  Titles are something I kind of dread trying to come up with, and RISE went through five or six before I settled on that but even then I wasn’t sure.  The publisher contacted my agent to …

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May 21

First contact

Got my first call from the editor at Ace who I’ll be working with on RISE.  Her name is Jessica Wade, and she has had some very nice things to say about the book.  She seemed as excited as I am to be moving forward and I look forward very much to working with her.  …

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