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Jun 08

Stick to Your Guns

Working on the edits for STATE OF DECAY has been an eye-opening experience so far.  Although relatively minor, the book will absolutely be better for them, but the thing which occurred to me as I dug into them was not so much what I was asked to change, but what I *wasn’t* asked to change.  …

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May 11

The Queen of ROC

After consulting with my editor, it appears my novel will not be under the ACE imprint, but under the ROC imprint.  Since I wasn’t completely sure what an imprint was, I did some extensive research (and by ‘extensive research’ I mean ‘I checked Wikipedia’) to see what was what.  I’m still not completely sure I …

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Apr 29


I imagine sometimes that a point will come where the prospect of ‘back cover copy’ doesn’t thrill me, but I believe in living in the moment – it’s my party, and I’ll get excited about back cover copy if I want to.  Which I do. The back cover copy is basically an ultra-short synopsis.  Those …

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Apr 17

The Art of the Cover

I actually got word from my editor, rockstar Jessica Wade, a while back regarding the REVIVORS cover art.  This is a topic which probably should have taken precedence over a made up stress test but my brain does not always function normally.  Don’t judge me. The cover art of a novel is something I think …

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Oct 07

It’s official…

I suppose it was official before, but now it just somehow feels more official – yesterday I got a piece of mail from my agent Jack Byrne containing my copy of the contract, and my advance check.  I am officially a paid author.  Someone paid me to do the thing I love. On a less …

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Sep 05

Contract for REVIVORS and sequels signed

From what I understand it typically takes a long time for a contract to be drawn up but not as long as it took this particular time; the delay was the result of Ace’s contract department being shorthanded, so I wouldn’t assume it’s average but then I only have the one to go on. Having …

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Aug 20

First APPLE test read complete

Ok the first test read is in; my wife finished up and once again came through with detailed and valuable feedback.  I’ll hear from the others this weekend and see what I’ve got then as the first draft of THE SILENT ARMY wraps up I think I’ll take a breather from it and tackle the …

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Jul 25

The Silent Army

Still no word on the contract, but I am assured by my agent this is normal and that ‘the wheels at big publishers grind slowly’…since Jack managed to procure a three-book deal in less than six months and is therefore a complete rock star I believe I will heed his advice and leave the worrying …

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