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Apr 29

Ex-Con (Norwescon Impressions Part II)

norwescon baby!

Another really neat thing about Norwescon was all the delicious swag on display.  There was a big vendor area, kind of like a bazaar, where loads of people had set up shop selling everything from books to battle-axes (I’m serious, if I thought I could have gotten it on the airplane I could have bought …

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Apr 26

Ex-Con (Norwescon Impressions Part I)

At least one Slave Leia is mandatory

I still need to get the pictures together, but I’m settled back in with my first ‘con under my belt.  How did it go?  I’ll give you a quick breakdown. It was fun, I’ll say that up front.  My wife and I had a good time in spite of being fish out of water to …

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Apr 19

Come Fly With Me…

fly on

Ok, tomorrow my wife and I hop a flight from Boston to Seattle for Norwescon. I’m looking forward to the event itself, but I’ll be honest:  I hate to fly.  I think I might hate everything about it.  I don’t like airports, I don’t like pat-downs (okay, sometimes I do), I don’t like being in …

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