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Sep 18

APPLE is away…

Maybe it’s unwarranted, but I was nervous when it came time to ship off the final of APPLE (which I have tentatively retitled STAR WORMWOOD).  I was nervous when I shipped off REVIVORS as well, but I thought maybe this time I would be less nervous.  It’s not a bad kind of nervous, and maybe …

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Aug 21

Three Things I’ve Learned (So far)

There are three things I’ve learned so far in this endeavor that I think are really important.  Everyone writes differently so you may disagree, but for my money those things are: Get Feedback Feedback from an early draft (I never show the first but I’ll let people read the second) will benefit the book tremendously, …

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Aug 20

First APPLE test read complete

Ok the first test read is in; my wife finished up and once again came through with detailed and valuable feedback.  I’ll hear from the others this weekend and see what I’ve got then as the first draft of THE SILENT ARMY wraps up I think I’ll take a breather from it and tackle the …

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Jun 07

APPLE draft in test reads

Again, somewhat old news.  It’s been about a month now but I’ve had my hands full with The Silent Army.  Apple is basically what I would term Sci-Fi Horror, I suppose, but in a weird way it’s mostly a story about two lost souls.  The crisis that brings them together could have been a lot …

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