Mar 13

The Author’s Den

Ok, I got set up on The Author’s Den the other day – in case you are unfamiliar, this is a site where authors and readers can sign up and create a space in the ‘den’ where you can post a bio, any books you have, stories you’ve written, etc.  Here is an example of what a typical den looks like:

This one isn’t mine, but as you can see in this unretouched photograph, the author likes to read and has apparently also killed and eaten a neandrathal.  Heady stuff, and you can find lots more like it at the Author’s Den.

According to the email they sent me this morning:

Participating at AuthorsDen.com will drive huge numbers of readers to your book on Amazon.com and other websites.  AuthorsDen.com is visited by over 15 million people yearly.

I can’t speak to that yet; so far that number has been zero, but to be fair, I only got set up yesterday.  I’ll have to let you know how much traffic it eventually generates, if any.  There are an awful lot of authors listed on that site.  I had trouble finding myself on the list, and I know who I am and was really looking.

So, now I am on Facebook, MySpace, Author’s Den, and I am also linked to by a few other sites.  So far, however, my greatest number of hits still come from people who Google ‘Slipknot’, due to a reference on this site somewhere (try and find it, it’s fun) which is completely unrelated to the band.  Since I have also mentioned it in this post, I expect my traffic to double shortly.  If Slipknot fans also turn out to be science fiction fans, I may actually be on to something here.

I suspect, however, that upon realizing their error, those visitors quickly click away, seeking their Slipknot information on another, more appropriate, site.

One thing I do have to give The Author’s Den right up front is it has (as promised) helped on the Google front.  If you Google ‘James Knapp author’, I now come up third – just under the James Knapp of USC Sciences, and James Knapp the Remax agent in Bellingham WA.

Stay tuned.

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