Oct 01


One of the most challenging and most fun aspects of writing a sequel is bringing back the established characters, only now with the experience of the time which passed between the two books under their belts (two years, in this case).  After the events of the first book, and what occurred during our time away from them, they can not stay the same as they were.  Deciding how these experiences would alter them while still leaving their core personalities intact is like a particularly interesting puzzle.

How do our experiences change us?  It depends on the person.  A lot of times I think it’s more obvious to others than to ourselves, but no matter who we are, they shape our attitudes and opinions.  In turn those affect our future actions, which invariably affect our future experiences, and so on.  A particular event may skew us in a radically different direction, or it may just shake, or even change, one fundamental belief.

One mandate I gave myself when I started this project was that each character would end up a very different person than they began over the course of each book, but particularly over the course of the series.  I knew where I wanted them to begin, where I wanted them to end, and how they would get there, but the details of how their experiences really change them is turning out to be one of the more rewarding parts of writing The Silent Army.

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