Sep 18

APPLE is away…

Maybe it’s unwarranted, but I was nervous when it came time to ship off the final of APPLE (which I have tentatively retitled STAR WORMWOOD).  I was nervous when I shipped off REVIVORS as well, but I thought maybe this time I would be less nervous.  It’s not a bad kind of nervous, and maybe it’s something I should try and keep since it causes me to obsess over my drafts, but there’s definitely a moment when you hand over something you’ve put some heart and soul into to someone and then wait for the reaction to come.  This seems to go double when handing it over to a pro.  I’ve heard from my test readers, incorporated feedback, edited and polished…will it be enough?  Is there even a market for this type of story?  I wrote the initial drafts before I was accepted by my agent as a client, is it something he can get behind?

I hope the answers to those questions are yes, but I will know soon enough.  In the meantime, I have more than enough to keep me busy with REVIVORS and THE SILENT ARMY.

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