Sep 05

Contract for REVIVORS and sequels signed

From what I understand it typically takes a long time for a contract to be drawn up but not as long as it took this particular time; the delay was the result of Ace’s contract department being shorthanded, so I wouldn’t assume it’s average but then I only have the one to go on.

Having seen the contract, I was very glad that I have an agent to take care of the particulars.  When he first discussed the details with the publisher there were some changes he wanted made, and he also looked over the final contract to make sure everything looked good.  When it finally arrived on my doorstep, I saw that it was around ten pages long, legal pad size, with rather small print.  Each page was filled top to bottom with language I could decipher but not without reading it carefully.  I could have agonized over evey paragraph for days but I didn’t have to because Jack knows more about book contracts than I may ever know and he did that for me – I read it to see if I had any questions I wanted to ask, then signed it.

I have to say, signing felt good.  I had no reason to think things would fall through at the last second, but I think some part of me was holding back getting too excited until my signature was on it and everything was official.  Don’t get me wrong, I was excited before, I’m just even more excited now.

In his cover letter, Jack closed by saying ‘Congratulations James, you’re on your way’ and I think that got me more than anything else.  I have big plans brewing; having gotten this opportunity, I intend to keep working as hard as I can, and drive this thing as far as I can make it go…

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