Jul 25

The Silent Army

Still no word on the contract, but I am assured by my agent this is normal and that ‘the wheels at big publishers grind slowly’…since Jack managed to procure a three-book deal in less than six months and is therefore a complete rock star I believe I will heed his advice and leave the worrying to him while I concentrate on the next book.

I have tentatively decided to call the second book The Silent Army though if history is any indication I will probably change this ten times or so before this is all over.  Writing the first draft of the second book is turning out to be a blast and it’s coming along very well.  I plan on having a first draft in hand by the beginning of September or so, then give it a couple more reworks before handing it over to test readers.  This is the first time I’ve ever written anything creative under a deadline…I have plenty of time but want to put the effort in up front on a first draft so I can be free to polish it obsessively without a date rushing at me.

So, basically the work continues but this is work I love and I have to say that knowing what I write will down the road find its way to an audience gives it a whole different feel.  I did believe that if I put enough effort into it that my work would eventually see print, but in they back of my mind lay the truth that a lot of people never do, even people who are deserving.  Knowing that I’m over that first hurdle gives it a whole new vibe.


  1. barb annino

    Hi James!
    I have recently signed with Jack. I think he’s a great agent. One of the reasons I was sure he was the one for me was due to your blog. Thanks for the valuable information. I hope the contract is a big fat one.


  2. zombie0.com

    Hi Barb, the waiting is a bit agonizing but I really can’t complain; Jack totally came through and very quickly. Love your site btw.

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