Nov 25

Adventures in ACX

It’s official – both The Burn Zone and Alice in No-Man’s-Land are getting audiobooks!  I’m very excited about this and am so glad to be working with both narrators – Jeannie Lin (who is narrating The Burn Zone) and Miette Deschenes (who is narrating Alice).  They’ve both submitted their first 15 minutes or so and they’re both doing an amazing job.

Check out the samples below – I got an especially big kick out of Jennie’s interpretation of the ‘mysterious transmission’ as well as the A.I. advertising bot in The Burn Zone:



  1. Andrew Bellware

    Wow, they did a great job with the AI adbot and the transmission. They sound fantastic!

    1. James

      I agree – I had no idea she was going to do that, but I love it.

  2. the real slim shady

    Yes how riviting, i was on the edge off suicide through the whole trilogy

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