Jan 06

Tales from the Feed Bag: Wild Boar (part 1)

Second on the menu from my Christmas gift of unique meats was the wild boar.  I received two thick chops, and since it’s just me and Kim I decided to thaw one now and save one for later.

The meat is similar to pork (not surprisingly) but is much darker.  Not red like beef, just darker.  Imagine the color of pork ribs, then imagine an entire chop that color.  There was a bone attached (this is a good thing) on one side which I could not begin to identify.

I decided to go simple on this one; I covered it with a simple rub of brown sugar, salt, chili powder and black pepper just enough to deliver a sweet, salty heat without being too overpowering, then roasted it at 350 until just done.  I served it with roasted sweet potato and Brussels sprouts.

I neglected to take a picture of how it turned out, so instead here is a (let’s face it, more interesting) picture of an actual wild boar:

I think it’s clear from the picture that this is not your average factory farm pig, and if you look closely you can see the death in its beady little eyes.  This beast looks like the demon offspring of a bear mated with a hyena or something.  If a pig got lyporcuspy, this is what it would turn into by the light of the full moon.  You blow down this dude’s house and you’d better have an exit strategy.  I have more pig jokes but I’ll save them for part 2.  I get the sense those tusks aren’t just for show, is my point.

How was it?  Both Kim and I enjoyed the wild boar very much – it was tougher than pork but seriously – look at that thing.  It is tougher than pork.  Not too tough, just a different texture than the other white meat.  Its flavor was basically like an all dark meat chop, fuller and more intense than pork.  Both Kim and I tend to like dark meat in general, so this was a hit and the rub was a good compliment.  Kim even went cavewoman on the bone afterwards, which is like a seal of approval in our house.

I’m looking forward to trying the second chop, prepared a different way.  I will have to think on it.  For now, the wild boar is in the lead though.  Not bad at all.

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