Dec 31


I have a love-hate relationship with Google Alerts.  For those not in the know, Google Alerts allow you to get an update anytime anything appears on the internet matching a given search criteria.  I thought they would be useful for tipping me to any buzz about my novels.  The reality is that about half the time that’s true, and the other half is to let me know another location where I can download pirated copies of my novels.

Today was different.  Today I received an alert that actually, and truly, made me smile.

It seems that State of Decay was another artist’s inspiration (a musician), and the artist (Christopher Henry, aka Hiami) actually cut an industrial/techno album called Static Decay.  According to the artist, “…the mood and tone of [State of Decay] were greatly influential on the sound of Static Decay…I wanted to fuse Metalcore drums with dark sounding piano to generate a different sound then that of DubStep, EBM, or conventional Industrial.”

He put all this together solo and having dabbled in electronic music myself I know that requires some significant effort.  I think he’s quite talented.  You can listen to the tracks here, or click the album artwork:


My favorite tracks were Less Than Three, Scar Treatment, and Watch the Sky.

The real joy for me though was being the inspiration on any level for another artist – I have so many influences myself, and music actually plays a big part in inspiring me to write.  That it, in turn, inspired someone to make music warmed my heart.

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