Oct 11

The Best Time of the Year

I am not a huge fan of Christmas…I could take or leave the bitter cold and snow, and the older I get the more I dislike all the forced consumerism.  The cats get restless, and friendly society dictates I must start thinking of gifts for people I barely know, then produce forced smiles at the receipt of token gifts from people I barely know.  To me, the holidays are about family and honestly I don’t need Christmas as an excuse to spend time with them – the holiday traffic just makes it harder to get there.

No, for my money the most wonderful time of the year is Autumn.  Not because of Thanksgiving (which I like more than Christmas) but because I love everything about it.  I love the crisp weather, cool before turning cold and being able to see my breath at night without needing a jacket quite yet.  I love the changing of the leaves, which in rural New England is stunning.  Cold weather food – stews, split pea soup, and all things apple from hot cider to fritters to pie – come into style, and it’s time to harvest any squash, Brussels sprouts and carrots out of the garden.  Because of Halloween I’m bombarded with awesomely good (and awesomely bad) horror flicks.  I always feel inspired in Fall, and it’s a great time to cozy up at night, and get lots of writing done.

It feels like the shortest season, though I’m not sure if that’s because it really is or it just seems that way, but it’s the one season I would truly miss if I were to ever move far enough south to be warm in winter.

I wouldn’t miss winter though.  Winter sucks.

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