Oct 07

The Burn Zone submitted

I have lived, eaten and slept inside The Burn Zone for a little over four months now, and today I submitted the final (and by ‘final’ I mean the final draft before 1st round edits, 2nd round edits, copyedits and page proofing) to my editor Jessica Wade.  As always, I do this with a mixture of excitement, relief, and anxiousness but the overall feeling is that unique charge that comes with stamping ‘THE END’ at the conclusion of book that I enjoyed writing, and enjoyed reading during the last marathon edit prior to setting it free.

What is The Burn Zone?  I will tease more specifics once I have a publication date etc. but even keeping it vague I can say it is many things:

  • It is the first book I will publish under the pseudonym James K. Decker.
  • I would term it a Science-Fiction Thriller, or maybe Adventure, with just a dash of Lovecraft added.
  • It is much different from the Revivors series – and quite a bit stranger.
  • I’ve grown quite attached to its protagonist.
  • While I think it’s too long and too violent to ever be considered technically YA, I think younger readers will like it too.
  • It was a blast to write.

I’d started it beforehand, but dove in deeply once I had a contract and it’s been an intense four months that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Big thanks to my editor – I’m so glad she wanted to work with me again as badly as I wanted to work with her again, and big thanks too to my agent Ginger Clark for making all the pieces fall together.

There’s still plenty of work left to do, but The Burn Zone is away – stay tuned.  More to come.

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