Sep 13

For the Love of Vika Popik

Vika Popik is a secondary character in Element Zero, third book in the Revivor series.
If you don’t wish to know things about her in advance TURN BACK NOW

I got yet more love for Vika Popik the other day, and this has really got me thinking. Maybe it’s just because of how things ended up for her, but she generates a good deal of fan feedback – more than I ever expected.

For those who don’t know I’ll try and keep things generally not too spoilery…Vika is introduced in the third (and last) installment of the Revivors trilogy while Cal Flax is on a mission in the slum of Pyt-Yahk. When the shit hits the proverbial fan, Cal ends up running into Vika and helping her escape the area. The two end up paired for most of the rest of the story.

The character of Vika came about the way a lot of my characters do, which is she began ‘filling a role’ and then grew into something more as I fell more and more deeply in love with her (the same thing happened with Penny in The Silent Army). I knew I wanted a sort of ‘daughter figure’ for Cal to match her ‘father figure’ of Nico…kind of a full circle thing for her. I also knew Cal would never bond much with anyone who wasn’t tough. Cal had a shitty life growing up, but Vika’s was, while completely different, actually much worse.

I really enjoyed Vika, and, as I’ve pointed out before, if the series had continued I would have done things differently…maybe. I have to give a shout-out to my (truly awesome) editor Jessica Wade for encouraging me to keep a bit of Vika’s background I was ready to jettison, since it went on to be cited in almost every reader’s comment I read about her. She actually has much more background and, in the original draft, things turned out much differently for her. She’s been on my mind since, and I’m glad (despite the occasional anger I receive) that she resonated so well with people. Is there a story yet to tell, there? I’m still thinking about that…

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  1. Andrew Bellware

    Bring Vika back!

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