Aug 11

Fan Art

To those who know me it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Kingdom of Loathing.  Well, it’s time for their annual Fan Art Calendar showdown and I’ve thrown my hat into the ring again.  I do this knowing my chances of winning are fairly slim since my medium is black and white and the calendar is in color, but I enjoy doing the pictures and it’s a good opportunity to keep the pen hand from getting too rusty.  If any intrepid KOL artist happens to be reading this and wants to take a crack at adding some color, I’d love to see the final result.

This year I decided to do three characters who are grouped in the Knob Goblin Laboratory’s Menagerie Level 3…the Spectral Jellyfish, the Portly Abomination, and the Booze Giant.  Here they are sharing a round of drinks together, something I imagine they do what with being roomed with the Booze Giant:

Good luck to all the entries!


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