Jul 14

Pimping Ain’t Easy

Seriously, it’s really hard.  When you work a full time job on top of writing, it’s hard to find the time and energy to pimp at peak efficiency, but if you want to ever get noticed by anyone ever, pimp you must.

My most recent pimping attempt was to post sample chapters of my revivors trilogy on Smashwords (the first chapter of each).  I worried that in spite of the fact the chapters are available for viewing on my site that I would get stopped by my publisher, but in the end I was actually pimp-blocked by Smashwords themselves who stated ‘Smashwords is for finished works only, and not partial works or works in progress’.  That seems a bit silly to me given some of the stuff up there, but it’s their outfit and I’ll abide by their rules.

This is actually a bit annoying to me – since it is unlikely at this point that my dream of an eventual fourth revivors book (to follow Calliope specifically and take place between State of Decay and The Silent Army) will ever see the light of day at least through traditional publishing routes, I thought I might release it over time as a serial to try and drum up support for the original series.  I thought Smashwords would make a good venue for that, but I should have read the fine print first (okay, the FAQ).

That leaves Amazon, but Amazon’s pricing model is a little more strict and while I thought I might make single chapters available for free on Smashwords, I would bundle them for sale on Amazon.  Ninety-nine cents feels like too much to me for a single chapter of something.

Of course, with a new contract for two books and the aforementioned full time job, it may be a moot point for the time being.  It’s hard enough finding time to sleep, let along pimp.


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