Jun 21

The Burn Zone

I really enjoyed writing the Revivors series, but there is a special joy that comes with breaking ground on a completely new tale.  The Burn Zone is that tale.

This afternoon I verified with my editor at Roc that The Burn Zone is a go.  The contract will (I believe) include one other book and then we will kind of take it from there (this is actually quite common from what I understand…it will either sink or swim after two entries).  I will be writing under a thinly disguised pen name for this series, the reasons for which I will address in a later post, but for now just know that when I or others refer to ‘James K Decker’ they (or I) am in fact referring to my new alter ego.

The Burn Zone takes place in a completely new world…still on Earth, but in a slightly farther flung future and very different from the Revivors series.  It follows the character of Xiao-Xing (nicknamed ‘Ort’) who you’ll get to meet in 2012.  I think you’re going to like her, and the wild ride she ends up on.

I’ll provide additional (and better) teasers as we get closer to publication.

Stay tuned…


  1. woody

    Hey I just love the 2d book from the revivors series and wish I had gotten in on the ground floor so I could understand the world dynamics of the grind versus the “norma” non-warl society.

    I pray you continue to publish your books; 1) I tend to only read a few authors, 2) I only ready 1-2 books/5 years, 3) you have an original story, & 4) it is an easy read

    thanks and keep going

    1. James

      Thanks Woody!

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