May 23

Allow Me To Introduce…

…my new Agent Extraordinaire, Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown LTD!

For the record, my previous agent not only landed me my first deal but is also a highly professional and ethical guy; this is just a tough business and I felt that I could maximize my chances of survival in it with a larger New York based agency.  To that end, I made an amicable break from my previous agency and ultimately found what feels like a very good fit with Ginger (who I actually was introduced to by fellow PKD Award nominee Jon Armstrong).

The reason behind the timing of all this is basically that I had wrapped up the Revivors series and am looking to begin another.  Rather than try and make some sort of move mid-stream, it seemed like a natural break point.  Ginger is shopping my current series now, and I’ll give a few more clues as to what the project is when and if it finds a home.  Okay it’s going to be bigger, and exist in a broader world than Revivors, but that’s your last hint for now.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the Revivors series so far, and most of it has been very encouraging.  I’ve been asked what’s next and my answer to that question is that while I can’t say for certain until a contract is signed, I can say that with Ginger’s help I hope there will be a lot more to come…

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