Apr 05


Today marks the launch of the conclusion of the Revivors series, Element Zero.

Drop by the new website for info about the book.

While you’re there, check out a sample chapter.


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  1. Alison

    What a page-turner! Really enjoyed the conclusion – it didn’t pan out at all how i expected. The only thing i’m left wondering about is how Nico’s arm survived the events at the end…

  2. James

    Glad you enjoyed it Alison…with a series like this you always run the risk of disappointing when the endgame comes. I’d be interested to hear how your expectations might have differed from what actually ended up happening.

    As for Nico’s arm, I’m afraid I have to admit that as an oversight on my part which I hope wasn’t too distracting. If I ever get a reprint, he’ll steel himself before going in and then lose it on page 320.

    Thanks for being a reader!

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