Jan 27

Blizzaclysm 3 – The Snowening

Thurs, Jan 27.

As I walked to my mailbox for the last time, a frozen dove fell from the sky to shatter on the cold, hard ground below.  The pieces scattered, and when the head spun to a stop in front of me its black, glazed eye stared up into mine as if to say ‘Make your bed, for The Snowening is upon us’.  The Ice Toad’s prophecy, it appears, is finally coming to pass.

I have stockpiled food, aware that this will only stave off the inevitable choices I will one day be called upon to make.  To make those choices easier, I have compiled a list of my cats in descending order of plumpness, and ended the list with a single human, my dear wife.  They are but empty vessels ready to provide sustenance, or at any rate they will be once the snow madness sets in and the dual-wielded icicle battle royale reaches its fated bloody conclusion.

I fear for our world.  I also fear that ‘doing the Ice Toad’s bidding’ might prove a less-than-viable defense in court should this turn out to be just a regular storm and not the true Snowening, but that’s a chance I will just have to take.

Until then, I will find solace in the deep sleep of cold, and the quiet murmur of His horrible, frosty croak.

Also, I don’t think my wife reads my blog so please don’t tip her off about The Snowening, she is quite crafty in combat when prepared, and I shall require her vessel if I am to make it to the Thaw.

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