Jan 18

State of Decay Makes Short List for Philip K. Dick Award

I was very pleasantly surprised this morning to learn that my debut novel State of Decay has made the short list for the Philip K Dick Award…whether or not I win remains to be seen, but as cliche as it might sound it really is an honor just being nominated.

I am a huge fan of Philip K. Dick, and while I don’t get starry-eyed very often, this is one of those guys I enjoy just being mentioned in the same sentence as.  To not only see State of Decay published but up for this award is really like a dream come true.

This is as much as I think I can safely gush about it before I run the risk of invoking some kind of jinx, so I’ll leave it there but yeah – very excited.

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  1. TJ @ Dreams and Speculation

    Congratulations on the nomination. It certainly is a great list this year, so I was glad to see State of Decay on there!

    1. zombie0.com

      Thanks so much TJ…I’ll be heading down to the ‘con late April – very exciting!

  2. Brandon Sigrist

    Just finished State of Decay last night and loved it!

    Characters like Cal and Zoe are absolutely rare and unforgettable in this genre and pulled me in so effectively that I forgot to think about your excellent writing craft and just enjoyed the ride. This is your first book? You deserve the PKD nod.

    Thanks for the great read. Going out to get Silent Army now…

  3. zombie0.com

    Thanks very much Brandon (Cal and Zoe both have a special place in my heart). State of Decay is my first book, yes. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series as much!

  4. Anonymous

    Well deserved nomination for an original idea and well crafted story. Now, we need more.

    1. zombie0.com

      Thanks very much – if you haven’t read The Silent Army yet it’s the followup to State of Decay, and if you have then Element Zero (the conclusion of the trilogy) is due out April 05. Beyond that, I’ve got something else in the works for you…

  5. Anonymous

    This nomination was what got me to read your book’s blurb on Amazon and subsequently download it for Kindle. I loved it. I went on to enjoy The Silent Army and am looking forward to Element Zero. Definitely the best I’ve read all year. Thanks!

  6. zombie0.com

    Much appreciated, and I’m glad you liked it!

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