Dec 29

Mad Man

Ok, I’m going to try something a little new here and I’ll let any authors out there who might be thinking about giving it a go how it works out for me.  The ‘new thing’ is Goodreads’ pay-per-click advertising.  It’s in beta right now, so I imagine it may morph over time, but the basic guts of it seem to be in place.

As an author with not a lot of disposable cash to burn, especially on advertising which may or may not even work, I like the concept of pay-per-click.  If no one clicks on your ad, you don’t pay.  Every time someone does, you pay (whether they buy the book or not)…you can set a cap so that just in case you actually do get washed away in a flood of clicks you don’t end up owing gigantic sums of money.  So, basically, you decide how much you’re willing to risk on the endeavor and then set the ad running.  I used the default bid for each click (which can range anywhere between ten cents a click to hundreds of dollars per click)…how much you bid affects how often your ad gets displayed but I’m staring off small.

Will it work?  I have absolutely no idea, but together with Amazon’s new author sales tracking front end (sorry about what I said about your sales ranking in an earlier post, Amazon, your author-specific sales info is actually quite good) I should be able to get at least some rough sense of whether or not any sales spike which does or does not occur is worth the investment.

Stay tuned…

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