Nov 28

Pencils Down

…and with that, the final round of edits for ELEMENT ZERO are completed.  Now I just have to sit back and hope that my editor doesn’t beat me stupid for the sheer number of changes.  Anything story-shaking we’d already gotten out of the way, but I am an obsessive tweaker, something I hope is reasonably well-tolerated.  I really think the book is better for this last round.

Page proofs will be the last stop (where no significant tweaking is allowed) and then, come April 2011, print.

The book, and the trilogy as a whole, is what I intended it to be and I don’t think I could ask for anything more.  Putting all the world-building and character development aside, it’s a three part tale:  The first book uncovers an unpleasant truth, the second is about choosing sides, and the third is about fighting for what you believe in.  I’m satisfied with the symmetry of it, I like where my characters ended up, and I feel now that the story has been told.

I come to the end of the trilogy with mixed feelings…I will miss it to be sure, and I worry over whether what I have in store will be as well received, but at the same time I am very much enjoying the different-ness of my next novel.  I’ll get more into that in a later post, but suffice it to say that even after that I have several ideas all queued up and, while nervous, I feel a little like a kid in a candy store.

After that, who knows?  I have a lot more stories to tell.  Stick around, because it gets even weirder…

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  1. Lance

    “State of Decay” drew me in and “The Silent Army “confirmed me as a fan. Element Zero has a 100% probability of being AWESOME! Any chance of a sneak peek? This is a trilogy that could go on and branch out. I love the characters and the way they continue to develop through out the storyline, they all have other stories to tell. I can’t wait for “Element Zero”, even if it is the end of the trilogy.

    1. zombie0.com

      I’m really glad you liked them, Lance – and yes, as the publication date gets a little closer I’ll be posting some teasers, so stay tuned!

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