Oct 11

Bookstore Trolling

Ok, this weekend I slunk off to two of my local bookstores (there is both a Borders, and a big Barnes & Noble near where I live) for three main reasons and curiously only one of those reasons had anything to do with buying a book since I’m already two books behind in my book queue.

The first reason was because the novelty of seeing my book on an actual shelf has yet to wear off and I wanted to sneak some digital snaps of The Silent Army.  I found copies at both stores and will upload a picture as soon as I find the cable that connects my digital camera to my PC.  While I was in the B&N and about to take the picture, a man approached the display and began to browse so I hung back.  He actually picked up a copy of The Silent Army and I thought if he kept it I’d try and steal a snap of him, but ultimately he put it back so I wrestled him into the middle of the store and suplexed him next to the Customer Service stand didn’t.

The second reason was to pimp more of the samplers that Ace/Roc was handing out at Comic Con…I’ve been mailing these out, and my wife has been good enough to pitch them in everywhere she goes as well, but the box in which the samplers came seems to possess magical qualities – no matter how many I remove, there are always more inside…I’m hoping I find a genie resting under the last copy (assuming they don’t spawn indefinitely).

The third reason was because I contacted a list of sci-fi/fantasy bloggers to see if any would be interested in reviewing The Silent Army, and I offered to send along a copy of State of Decay as well if they’d like to read that one first.  I got quite a few bites and it wasn’t long before I’d sent all my SoD copies out.  I hoped to pick up a copy quick to put in the mail today but was thwarted because (A) For good or ill I couldn’t actually find a copy on the shelves, and (B) I totally forgot today is a holiday and the post office isn’t open anyway.

Well played, bounty of online bookstores.  Well played…

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