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Dec 29

Mad Man


Ok, I’m going to try something a little new here and I’ll let any authors out there who might be thinking about giving it a go how it works out for me.  The ‘new thing’ is Goodreads’ pay-per-click advertising.  It’s in beta right now, so I imagine it may morph over time, but the basic …

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Oct 11

Bookstore Trolling

Ok, this weekend I slunk off to two of my local bookstores (there is both a Borders, and a big Barnes & Noble near where I live) for three main reasons and curiously only one of those reasons had anything to do with buying a book since I’m already two books behind in my book …

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Oct 04

The Silent Army Available Now

I received two copies in advance of my contract copies (thanks to my editor Jessica Wade) so I got to hold one copy in each hot little hand prior to ship.  The Silent Army hits the shelves today and I couldn’t be more excited. This comes at a strange time for me…more news as time …

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Sep 21

It Begins…

I just caught wind (and by caught wind, I mean a Google Alert told me) that at a finished, printed copy of The Silent Army has landed at Rob’s Blog O’ Stuff.  Will Rob read it?  Will Rob like it?  Will Rob instruct his many minions to purchase copies so that they might share in …

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May 05


Ok, it’s still a ways off (release date is, I believe, Oct 05 of this year) but I got a look at the cover art for THE SILENT ARMY yesterday and I could resist sharing it.  I liked the cover of STATE OF DECAY lot, but I like this one even more – STATE OF …

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Oct 20

Sweet Acceptance

this is not me, btw Well, the page proofs for STATE OF DECAY are in and it seems all went well.  The process for that was fairly simple: I received a package in the mail that contained the book printed out on paper (two book pages to one sheet) and then read through it looking …

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Mar 16

Nothing beats when they ‘get you’

Anyone who writes will understand that unique satisfaction an author gets when a reader understands what they’ve written. I don’t just mean they were able to follow the plot, or even that they picked up on most of the trail of breadcrumbs you left for them through the story – if the readers can’t do …

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Dec 16

The Silent Army in Test Read

Three long drafts in, and I’ve finally written the words ‘The End’ – it isn’t really, there will be one more draft after I get feedback from my test readers, but as milestones go it felt pretty good.  Between work, polishing up Star Wormwood, and writing The Silent Army, I have to confess I’m a …

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Oct 01


One of the most challenging and most fun aspects of writing a sequel is bringing back the established characters, only now with the experience of the time which passed between the two books under their belts (two years, in this case).  After the events of the first book, and what occurred during our time away …

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Jul 25

The Silent Army

Still no word on the contract, but I am assured by my agent this is normal and that ‘the wheels at big publishers grind slowly’…since Jack managed to procure a three-book deal in less than six months and is therefore a complete rock star I believe I will heed his advice and leave the worrying …

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