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Jan 24

Straight From the SciFiChick

I’ve never met TheSciFiChick but I may have to declare her my new BFF after this amazing review: State of Decay, by James Knapp Nico Wachalowski is a FBI agent investigating a conspiracy where zombie-like revivors are being programmed to murder. Revivors are reanimated corpses, typically used in battle. An old flame, an alcoholic psychic, …

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Dec 07

Nico Wachalowski – More Art from Robert Elrod

I really don’t know what to say about Robert – after his amazing rendition of a revivor (see previous post), he offered to do another, and came up with this rendition of Nico Wachalowski, the lead character from STATE OF DECAY.  His art (as you can plainly see) is just fantastic, and there is a …

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Oct 29


Ok, it looks like I was somewhat wrong in my last post – the check which arrived was actually for the D&A (Delivery and Acceptance) of STATE OF DECAY, not THE SILENT ARMY as I had first thought.  Although SoD has been all the way through page proofs and will be on the shelves in …

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Oct 20

Sweet Acceptance

this is not me, btw Well, the page proofs for STATE OF DECAY are in and it seems all went well.  The process for that was fairly simple: I received a package in the mail that contained the book printed out on paper (two book pages to one sheet) and then read through it looking …

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Aug 17

Sweet Copy

Ok, I have received the ‘copy edits’ and have finished going over them.  Prior to this, I had this general feeling that the copy edit portion of the show would involve mostly things like spelling, punctuation, etc…it did involve those things, but there was much more to it than that. I think the best way …

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Jul 13

Line Editing, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the F-bomb

Ok, a few days ago I finished going over what are known as the ‘line edits’ for STATE OF DECAY.  This was the second wave of edits for the book, the first being broader-stroke changes (tweaks, if you will).  The line edits were more concerned with the finer points like ‘it was a little confusing …

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Jun 10

Cover Art Completed

I was querying my editor about some changes the other day, and when she answered she also let me know the STATE OF DECAY cover has been completed, and included a snapshot.  I think they did a really great job…I’d love to see the artist’s rendition of the other characters because whoever did it captured …

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Jun 08

Stick to Your Guns

Working on the edits for STATE OF DECAY has been an eye-opening experience so far.  Although relatively minor, the book will absolutely be better for them, but the thing which occurred to me as I dug into them was not so much what I was asked to change, but what I *wasn’t* asked to change.  …

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May 22

The Devil is in the details…

I received the notes from my editor yesterday, and have taken some time to study them…what I have found is most interesting (well, to me it is).  The what of it is ‘things that need editing’.  What was interesting about it?  Let me tell you… First off, I had assumed that the process would be …

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May 11

The Queen of ROC

After consulting with my editor, it appears my novel will not be under the ACE imprint, but under the ROC imprint.  Since I wasn’t completely sure what an imprint was, I did some extensive research (and by ‘extensive research’ I mean ‘I checked Wikipedia’) to see what was what.  I’m still not completely sure I …

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