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Jan 27

Blizzaclysm 3 – The Snowening


Thurs, Jan 27. As I walked to my mailbox for the last time, a frozen dove fell from the sky to shatter on the cold, hard ground below.  The pieces scattered, and when the head spun to a stop in front of me its black, glazed eye stared up into mine as if to say …

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Jan 18

State of Decay Makes Short List for Philip K. Dick Award

I was very pleasantly surprised this morning to learn that my debut novel State of Decay has made the short list for the Philip K Dick Award…whether or not I win remains to be seen, but as cliche as it might sound it really is an honor just being nominated. I am a huge fan …

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Dec 29

Mad Man


Ok, I’m going to try something a little new here and I’ll let any authors out there who might be thinking about giving it a go how it works out for me.  The ‘new thing’ is Goodreads’ pay-per-click advertising.  It’s in beta right now, so I imagine it may morph over time, but the basic …

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Nov 28

Pencils Down

…and with that, the final round of edits for ELEMENT ZERO are completed.  Now I just have to sit back and hope that my editor doesn’t beat me stupid for the sheer number of changes.  Anything story-shaking we’d already gotten out of the way, but I am an obsessive tweaker, something I hope is reasonably …

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Nov 09

Element Zero Cover Art

Seeing a new cover still makes me crack an involuntary smile.  I don’t believe the artist of these covers (whose name I do not know) and I are psychically linked – though I’m not completely ruling it out – but after seeing the first two, whenever I pictured the cover of Element Zero I always …

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Oct 11

Bookstore Trolling

Ok, this weekend I slunk off to two of my local bookstores (there is both a Borders, and a big Barnes & Noble near where I live) for three main reasons and curiously only one of those reasons had anything to do with buying a book since I’m already two books behind in my book …

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Oct 07


I have learned to hate the Amazon sales ranking. Not because it has been unkind to me, and if I’m to be honest, it’s not the Amazon sales ranking’s fault…the problem totally lies with me. I don’t have full blown OCD or anything like that, but I tend to get fixated on things like metrics.  …

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Oct 04

The Silent Army Available Now

I received two copies in advance of my contract copies (thanks to my editor Jessica Wade) so I got to hold one copy in each hot little hand prior to ship.  The Silent Army hits the shelves today and I couldn’t be more excited. This comes at a strange time for me…more news as time …

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Sep 27

Speculating, and Dreaming

The Silent Army just got a nice little write-up over at Dreams and Speculations (where you can find an equally nice write up of State of Decay, along with many other books).  As far as I can tell, TJ (who runs the site) received an ARC for The Silent Army, and was kind enough to …

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Sep 21

It Begins…

I just caught wind (and by caught wind, I mean a Google Alert told me) that at a finished, printed copy of The Silent Army has landed at Rob’s Blog O’ Stuff.  Will Rob read it?  Will Rob like it?  Will Rob instruct his many minions to purchase copies so that they might share in …

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