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Jul 14

Pimping Ain’t Easy

...and yes, Tom.  Every time.

Seriously, it’s really hard.  When you work a full time job on top of writing, it’s hard to find the time and energy to pimp at peak efficiency, but if you want to ever get noticed by anyone ever, pimp you must. My most recent pimping attempt was to post sample chapters of my revivors …

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Jun 21

The Burn Zone

I really enjoyed writing the Revivors series, but there is a special joy that comes with breaking ground on a completely new tale.  The Burn Zone is that tale. This afternoon I verified with my editor at Roc that The Burn Zone is a go.  The contract will (I believe) include one other book and …

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May 31

Balticon Impressions

Crookus Comptonus

I really just can’t say enough about my experience at Balticon.  From start to finish it was a fun, educational experience and I am so glad that I went. Granted, having won the Compton Crook Award for State of Decay I was one of the Guests of Honor, and as such they took really great …

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May 26

State of Decay Wins the Compton Crook Award I hear one dolla?  Two dolla?

It was announced this morning – my debut novel State of Decay has officially won the 2011 Compton Crook Award!  So, I will be flying to Baltimore tomorrow not just to attend Balticon, but also to accept the award and I couldn’t be more excited.  The folks running the con have been absolutely fantastic about …

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May 23

Allow Me To Introduce…

Ginger Clark making deals, or piloting an airplane I'm not sure

…my new Agent Extraordinaire, Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown LTD! For the record, my previous agent not only landed me my first deal but is also a highly professional and ethical guy; this is just a tough business and I felt that I could maximize my chances of survival in it with a larger New …

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Apr 05



Today marks the launch of the conclusion of the Revivors series, Element Zero. Drop by the new website for info about the book. While you’re there, check out a sample chapter. Enjoy! .      .      . .      .      .

Apr 04

New Website is Live


…well, truth be told the team of web gnomes who are building it are still tirelessly tinkering about but still, you can go there and get a peek…update any bookmarks/links you may have, as this is going to be my new online home very shortly. This whole blog will actually be forklifted over at …

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Mar 08

State of Decay Makes Compton Crook Shortlist


I received another piece of good news yesterday – State of Decay was chosen as one of the finalists for the Compton Crook Award, which is awarded by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for the best first novel of the year in the field of Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror.  They throw a shin dig …

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Mar 01



A while back I decided to sponsor a child through Childfund International.  I don’t announce that here to get a gold star or a pat on the back because I’m not being modest when I say I don’t deserve either of those things for doing it.  Since I can comfortably afford it, I feel like …

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Feb 14

This review probably shouldn’t have made me smile…but it did


Perhaps I shouldn’t brag about this but it was bound to happen eventually – my first one star review!  I thought it might make me feel bad but so far both State of Decay and The Silent Army have received pretty favorable reviews so I don’t feel like I can really complain.  Plus, the review …

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