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Dec 30

Tales From the Feed Bag: Alligator


This Christmas I received a special gift from my parents, the gift of food, which is one of my most favorite gifts of all.  My mother (knowing that I love them but my wife doesn’t) fashioned me a series of individual pork pies for later baking.  These have turned out to be just as good …

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Dec 13

On the Value of a Good Agent

Before I got my first book deal and I was searching for an agent to represent me, I thought of an agent as basically ‘someone who gets me a book deal’.  In the very basest sense, I suppose that is true but now that I have one (the very awesome Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown …

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Oct 11

The Best Time of the Year

This is actually Vermont, not Mass, but you get the idea...

I am not a huge fan of Christmas…I could take or leave the bitter cold and snow, and the older I get the more I dislike all the forced consumerism.  The cats get restless, and friendly society dictates I must start thinking of gifts for people I barely know, then produce forced smiles at the …

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Sep 13

For the Love of Vika Popik


** SPOILER ALERT ** Vika Popik is a secondary character in Element Zero, third book in the Revivor series. If you don’t wish to know things about her in advance TURN BACK NOW ** END SPOILER ALERT ** I got yet more love for Vika Popik the other day, and this has really got me …

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Aug 11

Fan Art

show me the way to go home

To those who know me it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Kingdom of Loathing.  Well, it’s time for their annual Fan Art Calendar showdown and I’ve thrown my hat into the ring again.  I do this knowing my chances of winning are fairly slim since my medium is black and white and …

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Jul 17


look a book

As ‘cons go, this one was pretty sleepy and during the (admittedly short) time I spent there, this seemed to be the general consensus of the people I spoke with (one more blunt critic termed it a ‘lame sandwich with a side of lame sauce’).  Maybe I was spoiled by Norwescon and Balticon.  Probably I …

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Jul 15

Surrounded by Internet Lilies

Packed in like these guys

Writing The Burn Zone is turning out to be an interesting learning experience for me. In the revivors series the city it took place in felt overpopulated, and while The Burn Zone takes place in a different ‘world’ I’m expanding on that trend for this book largely because I think the world will actually be …

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Jul 14

Pimping Ain’t Easy

...and yes, Tom.  Every time.

Seriously, it’s really hard.  When you work a full time job on top of writing, it’s hard to find the time and energy to pimp at peak efficiency, but if you want to ever get noticed by anyone ever, pimp you must. My most recent pimping attempt was to post sample chapters of my revivors …

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Jun 21

The Burn Zone

I really enjoyed writing the Revivors series, but there is a special joy that comes with breaking ground on a completely new tale.  The Burn Zone is that tale. This afternoon I verified with my editor at Roc that The Burn Zone is a go.  The contract will (I believe) include one other book and …

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May 31

Balticon Impressions

Crookus Comptonus

I really just can’t say enough about my experience at Balticon.  From start to finish it was a fun, educational experience and I am so glad that I went. Granted, having won the Compton Crook Award for State of Decay I was one of the Guests of Honor, and as such they took really great …

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