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Nov 25

Adventures in ACX


It’s official – both The Burn Zone and Alice in No-Man’s-Land are getting audiobooks!  I’m very excited about this and am so glad to be working with both narrators – Jeannie Lin (who is narrating The Burn Zone) and Miette Deschenes (who is narrating Alice).  They’ve both submitted their first 15 minutes or so and …

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Jun 04

Readers (and book bloggers) are just the best


So, Alice in No-Man’s-Land has been out for a week or two now.  It hasn’t jumped to the top of the NYT Bestseller list of course, but it’s getting a very good response so far.  More or less everything has gone about as I expected so far – the ‘having to coordinate everything yourself’ part, …

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May 15

Alice in No-Man’s-Land


Okay, it’s official – my latest novel is out in the wild! The book is called Alice in No-Man’s-Land, and you can learn more about it by clicking on the cover image below:   I’m going to be up front about this right off the bat; this particular novel was not picked up by a …

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Nov 04

Perspective (Part 2)


Part 1 can be seen HERE. Well, it’s been four years or so since I became a sponsor for Fatou Cham, who lives in The Gambia. The Gambia is located in Western Africa, but from what I’ve been able to figure out the region is mercifully free from Ebola, and Fatou is still doing well. …

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Feb 04

FALLOUT has Launched!

FALLOUT, sequel to THE BURN ZONE, has officially launched!  I hope that you enjoy this installment of the Haan series, in which the status quo (such as it was) begins to get upended and the story grows in scope.  In THE BURN ZONE, Sam learned a lot about the Haan that she’d never suspected but …

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Jan 25



[tminus t=”+2014-02-04 12:00:00″/]   PRE-ORDER NOW    Sequel to THE BURN ZONE

Jun 03

Balticon 2012


Well, a year has passed since I won the Compton Crook and got to be the GoH at Balticon 2011.  With that honor came a second honor, and that was being invited back again this year as one of the GoH to present the award to this year’s winner.  This year, the winner was T.C. …

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May 29

Guest Post and Giveaway over at The Bookish Brunette


Ok, a Balticon write up is coming but I’m playing catch-up now that I’m back.  Until then, head on over to the Bookish Brunette to check out my guest post, and for a chance to win an entire signed trilogy from your’s truly.  You can do both by clicking the link below, or the image …

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Mar 24

This is How I Do It


A lot of writers talk about how they write, and today I’m going to do the same.  Note, this isn’t about style, or dialogue, or any technical aspect of writing, but rather how one goes about conceptualizing, starting, and finishing a full length novel which is a challenge unto itself even once you’ve got all …

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Jan 06

Tales from the Feed Bag: Wild Boar (part 1)

...and this little piggy kicked your f*cking ass

Second on the menu from my Christmas gift of unique meats was the wild boar.  I received two thick chops, and since it’s just me and Kim I decided to thaw one now and save one for later. The meat is similar to pork (not surprisingly) but is much darker.  Not red like beef, just …

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