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Name: James Knapp
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I am an author of Science Fiction, Horror and Urban Fantasy

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Mar 27

That Voice I Hear

psst...everyone smelled that

There are many voices I hear in my head when I’m writing – the voices of my characters, and my own inner voice that’s kind of driving the project, but there’s one little dark one that always lingers, and whispers even when the others are gone.  The voice tells me I’m no good.  It tells …

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Mar 24

This is How I Do It


A lot of writers talk about how they write, and today I’m going to do the same.  Note, this isn’t about style, or dialogue, or any technical aspect of writing, but rather how one goes about conceptualizing, starting, and finishing a full length novel which is a challenge unto itself even once you’ve got all …

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Jan 06

Tales from the Feed Bag: Wild Boar (part 1)

...and this little piggy kicked your f*cking ass

Second on the menu from my Christmas gift of unique meats was the wild boar.  I received two thick chops, and since it’s just me and Kim I decided to thaw one now and save one for later. The meat is similar to pork (not surprisingly) but is much darker.  Not red like beef, just …

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Dec 31


Hiami - Static Decay

I have a love-hate relationship with Google Alerts.  For those not in the know, Google Alerts allow you to get an update anytime anything appears on the internet matching a given search criteria.  I thought they would be useful for tipping me to any buzz about my novels.  The reality is that about half the …

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Dec 30

Tales From the Feed Bag: Alligator


This Christmas I received a special gift from my parents, the gift of food, which is one of my most favorite gifts of all.  My mother (knowing that I love them but my wife doesn’t) fashioned me a series of individual pork pies for later baking.  These have turned out to be just as good …

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Dec 13

On the Value of a Good Agent

Before I got my first book deal and I was searching for an agent to represent me, I thought of an agent as basically ‘someone who gets me a book deal’.  In the very basest sense, I suppose that is true but now that I have one (the very awesome Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown …

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Oct 25

In Another Universe…

I was looking through some old drafts for something the other day and thought some of you might get a kick out of this. I’ve linked to it because it contains spoilers (such as they are) from Element Zero. There was another version of Element Zero which was quite a bit different from the one …

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Oct 11

The Best Time of the Year

This is actually Vermont, not Mass, but you get the idea...

I am not a huge fan of Christmas…I could take or leave the bitter cold and snow, and the older I get the more I dislike all the forced consumerism.  The cats get restless, and friendly society dictates I must start thinking of gifts for people I barely know, then produce forced smiles at the …

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Oct 07

The Burn Zone submitted

I have lived, eaten and slept inside The Burn Zone for a little over four months now, and today I submitted the final (and by ‘final’ I mean the final draft before 1st round edits, 2nd round edits, copyedits and page proofing) to my editor Jessica Wade.  As always, I do this with a mixture …

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Sep 13

For the Love of Vika Popik


** SPOILER ALERT ** Vika Popik is a secondary character in Element Zero, third book in the Revivor series. If you don’t wish to know things about her in advance TURN BACK NOW ** END SPOILER ALERT ** I got yet more love for Vika Popik the other day, and this has really got me …

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